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For North or South America, or China/Japan/Korea visit our collaborators SECURE-cirrhosis.
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The advent and pandemic spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2, and its associated disease state COVID-19, is a major and developing international public health emergency. The spectrum of disease and factors that influence the disease course are incompletely defined.
We have established this universal and collaborative registry project to collect data on patients with liver disease at any stage or liver transplants who develop laboratory-confirmed COVID-19. We are pleased to encourage reports from worldwide. However, if reporting from the Americas or China/Japan/Korea, please see our collaborators at: SECURE-cirrhosis.
We wish to capture pre-cirrhotic patients, immunosuppressed liver patients, both compensated and decompensated cirrhotic patients, and those that have already been transplanted. We intend to capture data both for patients who are hospitalised or managed in the community.
Reporting a case takes around 5 minutes. We will be pleased to acknowledge all those who contribute in any publication and we intend to invite major contributors to join our authorship.
We hope that you will join us. Submit a Case Report here

COVID-Hep project aims

The COVID-Hep project aims to:
  • Allow for analysis of baseline characteristics associated with specific outcomes in COVID19 amongst those with liver disease.
  • Inform the hepatology community with regard to prognosis of COVID19 in their patients.
  • Inform liver patients of their potential risk.
  • Potentially identify signals that will guide future therapeutic research.

The COVID-Hep registry

  • Has been cleared by the University of Oxford Clinical Trials & Research Governance unit as not requiring formal ethical approval but instead representing a largescale audit outcomes project. As a designated research database not using patient-identifiable data, is not required to have Human Research Authority approval. Click here for written assessment (PDF).
  • Is therefore registered as an approved audit with Oxford University Hospitals (ref: OUH5955)
  • Does not collect patient-identifiable data
  • Runs using Project Redcap, a secure data collection system used by thousands
  • Complements cohort work in other areas of internal medicine such as the SECURE-IBD project
  • Takes around five minutes to submit a case

Who is running this project?

This project is being run by the team at the Translational Gastroenterology Unit (TGU), UK. The department is part of Oxford University Hospitals and the Medical Sciences Division of the University of Oxford.

The individuals leading the project are:

  • Dr Thomas Marjot
  • Dr Gwilym Webb
  • Dr Tamsin Cargill
  • Prof Ellie Barnes

We are pleased to be contacted by .

Next steps if you wish to be involved

To report a case, follow this link
For frequently asked questions (FAQs), follow this link
To see data and updates, follow this link
To see an example Case Report Form, follow this link